Motif Morning Blend—Tame the Morning Monster: This is the coffee that started it all. It’s made from a specially selected combination of three high-quality beans from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. This well-balanced medium roast blend is the perfect elixir to tame the morning. Flavor Notes: Coca, Roasted Nuts, Caramel.

Lanesvillian: This Brazilian single-origin light roast is the perfect way to end your day. Flavor Notes: Soft fruit, citrus, chocolate edge, and nutty as it cools.

Halfmoon and Dogtown: These are two single-origin coffees made using organic, free-trade Colombian coffee. These coffees were developed at Breakwater and helped anchor their coffee lineup.
Halfmoon is a medium roast with notes of chocolate and caramel with a citris finish.
Dogtown is a dark roast with notes of cacao.

Dockside: This roast is made from a single-origin bean from the hills of Arusha Tanzania. It’s well balanced with the high level of caffeine that’s naturally found in high-grade peaberry beans. In 2007, Eoin was in Tanzanian visiting orphanages, schools, and hospitals while working on his book Eyes of Tanzania. When he started roasting coffee, it was the second bean that he looked for as Arusha will always have a special place in his heart. Flavor Notes: Chocolate and caramel with nutty accents.

Limited edition coffees

Private label coffees and packaging were developed for Whole Foods NE, The US Coast Guard, and Wheelhouse co-work.

Art and packaging

Eoin created all the artwork except for Motif and Dockside, which were collaborations between Dan Farrenkopf, his daughter Rita and Eoin.

Dan is a Rockport native, and owner of Luna Form based in Sullivan, Maine.

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