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What’s in a Name: The Story Behind "Dogtown" Roast

Coffee, much like history, is layered with stories and mysteries. At Motif Roasters, we pride ourselves not just on crafting an amazing cup’a of coffee but also on the rich ideas behind our roasts. Today, we invite you on a journey through time and taste with our beloved coffee, "Dogtown."

The Legacy of Dogtown, Gloucester MA
The name "Dogtown" might evoke images of a canine paradise, but it refers to a abandoned village in Gloucester, Massachusetts. This mysterious and historically rich place serves as the inspiration for our Dogtown coffee.

Dogtown was settled in 1693, nestled in the heart of Cape Ann. Initially, it thrived as an inland settlement, offering protection from pirate raids and enemy attacks during the American Revolution. However, as maritime activities gained prominence and residents started moving closer to the harbors, Dogtown began its slow descent into abandonment.

By the 1800s, Dogtown had transformed. Once a bustling settlement, it became known for its desolation and the eerie, overgrown landscapes. Legends grew around it, from tales of witches to ghost stories, adding to its mystical allure. The name "Dogtown" itself is said to have originated from the dogs that women kept for protection and companionship after their husbands left for war or sea.

whales jaws dogtownEchoes of the Past
What makes Dogtown fascinating are the remnants of its past. Visitors to the area can still see cellar holes where homes once stood and the famous "Babson Boulders," large rocks inscribed with inspirational sayings commissioned during the Great Depression by businessman and philanthropist Roger Babson.

Brewing a Tribute
In creating the Dogtown coffee, we at Motif Roasters wanted to capture the essence of this intriguing village. On its packaging, we illustrated the historic Whales Jaw with the hopes that with each sip, we aim to transport you to the rugged landscapes and the untold stories of this area.

Dogtown roast features a bold, complex profile that reflects the historical depth and natural wilderness of its namesake. It's a coffee that invites contemplation, perfect for those moments when you're lost in a book or lost in thought.

At Motif Roasters, we believe that every coffee has a story to tell. We invite you to explore this coffee and let it transport you to the mysterious, historic world of Dogtown, Gloucester MA.

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