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Staying Cool, By the Ocean: Three Methods for Crafting the Perfect Iced Brew

As coffee drinkers, we're always exploring new ways to enjoy our favorite beverage. When the temperature rises, iced coffee becomes a refreshing alternative to its hot counterpart. These are three methods for preparing cold coffee that I lead on during the hot summer days.

1. Cold Brew Method


  • Coarsely grind coffee beans
  • Combine 1 part coffee with 4 parts cold water
  • Steep the mixture for 12-24 hours in the refrigerator
  • Strain the liquid and serve over ice

The cold brew method is renowned for producing a smooth, less acidic coffee concentrate. This technique extracts coffee oils and flavors gradually, resulting in a mellow taste that's particularly appealing to those with sensitive stomachs. The lower acidity also allows subtle flavor notes to shine through, making it an excellent choice for showcasing high-quality single-origin beans. Additionally, the cold brew concentrate can be stored for up to two weeks, offering convenience for busy coffee lovers.

2. Japanese-Style Iced Coffee


  • Set up a pour-over or drip coffee maker
  • Fill the carafe halfway with ice
  • Use twice the normal amount of ground coffee
  • Brew hot coffee directly over the ice

Japanese-style iced coffee is a method that preserves the coffee's complex flavors and aromas. By brewing hot and instantly cooling the coffee, this technique captures the volatile compounds that can be lost in other methods. The result is a bright, crisp iced coffee that highlights the bean's natural acidity and nuanced flavors. This method is ideal for those who appreciate the subtle differences between various coffee origins and roasts. 

3. Overnight Refrigeration Method


  • Brew a pot of coffee using your preferred method
  • Allow the coffee to cool to room temperature
  • Refrigerate overnight
  • Serve over ice the next day

The overnight refrigeration method is a practical way to repurpose leftover coffee and reduce waste. This technique results in a full-bodied iced coffee that retains much of the flavor profile of the original brew. It's particularly well-suited for darker roasts or blends designed for cold consumption. The convenience of having ready-to-drink iced coffee in the morning makes this method attractive for those with busy schedules.

Each of these methods offers you different approaches to cold coffee, catering to various taste preferences, preparation times, and equipment you might have on hand. By exploring these techniques, you can expand your brewing repertoire and discover new ways to enjoy your favorite coffee. Whether you're looking for a quick fix or a more elaborate brew, these methods provide options for you to experiment with and perfect your ideal cold coffee experience. Try each one and see which becomes your new go-to for those warm summer days!

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