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Embrace the Warm Weather with Refreshing Cold Brew: Your Perfect Summer Companion

This Summer, when you order your favorite coffee from us, you'll receive the Motif Roaster Coffee Guide to Cold Brew in a Ball jar. As temperatures rise, we all seek the best way to enjoy our beloved hot beverage in a chilled form.

Gone are the days when iced coffee meant pouring hot coffee over ice. While this practice has existed since at least the 1840s, it became synonymous with Japan's coffee culture and earned the names "Japanese-style iced coffee" or "aisu kohi." However, a newer and more exciting technique takes cold coffee to a whole new level.

Enter cold brew, a method in Japan that has since traversed the globe through what some believe the spice trade brought to coffee lovers. Although cold brew has appeared throughout history, from New Orleans to Algeria and Cuba.

Unlike traditional iced coffee, cold brew doesn't rely on heat to extract the flavors. Instead, coffee and water is combined in full immersion for 12 to 24 hours. The result is a rich, velvety brew that minimizes coffee's inherent acidity, making it a perfect choice for those who find regular coffee too acidic. Another advantage is that you can prepare a "concentrate" that will keep well in the fridge, allowing you to enjoy more cold brew later.

Cold brew is delightful with nutty, chocolaty, and darker-roasted coffees. Its emphasis is on enhancing the flavors, so it's best to select coffees that offer a robust taste profile.

So, as the warm weather arrives, let us accompany you with the refreshing goodness of cold brew. With our Motif Roaster Coffee Guide to Cold Brew, you'll unlock the secrets to mastering this chilled sensation. Indulge in the smooth and enticing flavors, and experience a new way to savor your favorite coffee this Summer at home.

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