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Moontides #5 Ethiopian, Kecho Anderecha Kebele

Moontides #5 Ethiopian, Kecho Anderecha Kebele

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Moontides #5 is a medium to dark roast coffee from the home of coffee, Ethiopia. These fully washed heirloom beans are the highest-rated beans featured in Moontides (89.5 cupping score) and have a scent of brown sugar with hints of stone fruits, honey, and baking spice.

Unlike previous Moontides coffees, these beans are from 50 small producers in the Kecho Anderecha Kebele, near Beshasha, in Western Ethiopia. The coffee is wet mill processed at an altitude of roughly 1900 meters above sea level, and is grown up to 2000 meters. Most of the farms are less than a hectare, and conditions are considered "semi-forest", grown within the primary forest canopy.

The producers employ typical grade separations at the site, floating the cherry to remove unripe coffee and hand sorting any physical defects before and after depulping.
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