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Moontides #3 Peru - Tiberio García - Medium Roast

Moontides #3 Peru - Tiberio García - Medium Roast

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Introducing Tiberio García's Organic Peruvian Coffee from the family farm in Rio Tambo, Monte Sinaí, Peru. Grown at a picturesque altitude of 1450 meters above sea level on 13 hectares of land.

This delightful brew tantalizes your taste buds with its exquisite flavor profile. Indulge in the comforting embrace of milk chocolate and the rich essence of malted cocoa, complemented by delightful nutty undertones. The cup boasts a mild acidity that adds to its versatility, making it equally enjoyable as a brewed coffee or an espresso.

Tiberio García is proud to be a member of the esteemed Cooperativa Valle Uburiki, a coffee farmer's association operating in Pichanaki. This association provides invaluable support to its members, facilitating direct purchasing from producers and offering a range of beneficial services. From business loans and improved processing facilities such as drying patios to coffee storage bags and access to organic fertilizers, they strive to enhance the livelihoods of their members. Furthermore, the coffee is certified organic and adheres to fair trade principles, ensuring sustainability and ethical practices throughout the entire journey from farm to cup.

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